Friday, February 18, 2011

My Little Performer

Holden loves to sing and make up her own songs and dances. Her biggest hit (so far) was

"the moon is the sky....tonight....the moon is the sky...tonight...the moon is the sky...tonight..." ***claps and cheers*** "hey! I'm not finished yet...the moon is the sky...tonight..." you get the idea

This morning she informed me I was to take my coffee and sit on the bench so I could watch her "new"performance. Ev joined me and really added to the comic relief of an already hysterical video. My kids are fab!

Hope you all enjoyed! And I hope Everett forgives me for sharing his nakedness with the world!


  1. Kimmie, this is hilariously funny! Holden is awesome and hooray for Ev!

  2. LOL - I love how the Show Must go On for holden! I can only imagine what your days are like - and I can't wait for this fun chaos to catch up with me :)

    (hooray Ev!)



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