Sunday, March 6, 2011

This and That

So, I have been totally slacking on this blog because I am working on my NEW blog!

I am so excited about my new project and have vowed to Ian that within 2 months it will be making money. (I actually already won, because I made $2.40 so far with my Google adsense! haha)  No, but seriously, it is doing pretty well.

It's a blog about decorating, repurposing, crafts, home and diy projects, and parties. I launched it about 3 weeks ago and up to 7,500 page views and 64 followers. I am in the process of giving free advertising space for one month. Sponsors usually pay between $10-$30 per month depending on the ad size. I just need to build up my followers and reputation and then I can start asking people for money-hee hee. So if any of you know someone who would be interested in a free spot on my site, please have them contact me and we can set it up!

Now, on to family business....Holden is a big wimp. 

Friends watched Everett and we took just her skiing on Saturday. She was SO excited. Until we got there, got her dressed, traipsed to the restroom, got undressed, got dressed again, got back to the bunny hill, and this is how she looked.

 I always thought badly of those people who made their miserable kids ski and dragged them up the lift, well, that was us. It was a bunch of planning and work to get there, and she was going to ski if we all did it crying.

She took the lift for the first time and it was hysterical to watch Ian try to get her safely seated. She was a complete slug....dead weight. But they were awfully cute while they rode.

Ian used a ski harness, so she didn't careen down the hill.

I am pretty sure he basically held her up the whole way down.

And it didn't hurt when she fell!

I can't be as much help on my snowboard, but I went down with them too!

She did 2 runs and refused another minute of it. So, I took her to the lodge for hot chocolate and pizza while Ian got to do a few laps. Even though it seemed a bit like a disaster, she said she loved it and is so proud of herself.

View all of our ski pics here

 On a side note, she told me today she wants to be in a movie. Hmm, after my previous post, you can she where this is a possibility! ha ha

 And Everett...

He has a new favorite letter. The letter s is currently overtaking our lives. This boy is an oddball. He yells and shakes and points every time he sees the letter s. When I have a pen, pencil, or crayon in my hand he forces me to repeatedly write the letter s while he laughs and claps at the sheer beauty of it.Sadly, he learned the letter s before Holden.

We  are also staging a "mine" intervention. Everything belongs to him. The snakes at the zoo. He guards the viewing window and will not let anyone else look at them while shouting, "mine snake!!!" If he is watching tv and someone says, "oh, what a good show" he throws himself in front of it and says, "mine tv!!!!" When Holden says, "I love you mommy," he pushes her away from me and yells, "mine mommy!!!"  

What a fun stage! Ha Ha

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