Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Strangers....and Holden

 ... Movie Review - The Strangers

I feel like I am living this movie with Holden.

Ok, have you seen this movie? It is scary and ridiculous and frightening beyond belief. Ian watched from under the blanket while I cowered at the end of the couch. Anyway, these three psychopaths break into a secluded house while a young couple is home. They sneak beyond their backs, just watching and doing spooky things like opening doors and moving cell phones around the house. Like this...

I think Holden secretly watched it from the stairs and took pointers about how to be sneaky. Last Wednesday, while the kids were napping I was playing around on the computer, which is in the middle of the kitchen/family room and next to the stairs. I heard Everett crying and jumped up to run upstairs and noticed a flash of something out of the corner of my eye. I thought it was nothing and when I got upstairs I noticed H's door was open and she was not in her bed. I grabbed Ev, came downstairs, and found her camping out behind the couch, very awake and with a family of stuffed animals keeping her company.

I can't figure out how she got down the stairs past me once, let alone the two or three times it must have taken her to haul all of her "friends" down here to join her slumber party. She has been wandering into our room at night and breathing into my sleeping face. I wake up screaming at least twice a week. We will put her to bed and find her peering downstairs at us through the spindles of the railing.

She is FREAKING ME OUT! I feel like I need to be watching behind my back every minute. I have trouble sleeping because I am waiting for her three a.m. wake up call. I guess it could be worse, while she is always sneaking around and watching me, at least she isn't wearing a scary mask and carrying an ax.

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  1. My 4 year old has been wandering around in tge middle of the night...the other day he totally freaked me out...all the sudden, about 2AM, I awake to find him bent over in my room with his face about an inch from mine, still sleeping...



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