Monday, November 1, 2010

30/30 Challenge

I stumbled upon this blog last summer and the author was in the midst of a 30/30 challenge. 30 items from your wardrobe for 30 days (not counting coats or accessories). No additions or substitutions....and no shopping. Well, except for essentials like toilet paper and kidneys, etc. The idea is to force you to be creative, content, and grateful for what you have. To show you in no uncertain terms that you DO NOT need one more pair of skinny jeans or boots (or whatever your weakness is).

Well, she has thrown down the challenge again, and I think I am in. With all this Thanksgiving joy around me and all of these reminders to count my blessings, I realized I could use a hard core reminder of how good I have it and where money not spent on (another) pair of boots would better be allocated. Like to the rescue mission, where we usually donate a small amount every fall. Maybe this year we can donate a bit more if I keep the cash (and credit card) in my wallet.

So, I decided to put this pledge in writing so everyone I know can hold me to this challenge I have made to myself...and maybe join me??? Any takers???

Now, I need to think about what's going on in the next 30 days; Thanksgiving, a Hanou early Christmas, and the usual preschool, play dates, and stay at home mom activities. Off to the closet to start thinking and choosing. Wow, this would be really really hard if I had to go to work every day, well, other than the work here in my house!

I'm supposed to post my outfit every day to prove I am following the rules, I'll try, but jeeze that's a tall order. However, it will help me try harder if I do.


  1. This sounds like a really good idea. Thank you so much for your sweet comment! It made my day:)

  2. Good luck! I did it in summer and it was so much fun and not as hard as you may think :)



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