Friday, November 6, 2009

Today's Top Ten List

The top ten reasons I stay home with my kids:

10. I am the first one to them when they fall.

9. My daily chores involve going to the zoo, library, story time, playground, pool, and play dates.

8. We get to spend hours in a toy store exploring every toy known to man.

7. I actually have time to cook healthy and homemade meals for all of us.

6. I am the one to listen to all of the whining when they have a bad day, and I am the one who can turn that bad day around.

5. I kiss all of the boo boos

4. I am the one to foster and see their first smiles, steps, and giggles.

3. I can let Everett unroll entire rolls of toilet paper, because I have the time to roll each one back up again. Over...and over...and over...

2. Holden and I get to do extravagantly messy arts and crafts projects every day while Ev takes his morning nap.

1. I get to give them millions of kisses and hugs and listen to their beautiful voices all day long.


  1. Trust me Kim, you certainly won't regret staying home with them. The time flies by so quickly!

  2. I am so proud of the Mom that you are, and so happy you are able to be home with your kids. Enjoy these times!



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