Wednesday, November 18, 2009


My son is brilliant.

Over the past three days he has been wowing us with his amazing abilities.

First of all, he has finally started, "talking"...alot. Constant babbling. Along with this he now points at things and looks to me like I should know exactly what he is saying.

I swear he says "ma" and points when he wants me.

Then two nights ago we were reading, Barnyard Dance, a classic that Holden loved. I was pointing to the different animals and saying their names. I turned a page and Ev pointed to three cows among a mix of farm animals. Then I turned again and said, "where is the cow?" He pointed to the cow and said, "ca." Then he did it like three more times. And there were actually other animals mixed on all the pages.

AND, just when I though I couldn't walk one more circle around my house, buddy started really walking on his own...everywhere. It's actually kind of scary. I leave him playing at the car garage and then I hear,"boom, boom, boom" (not pitter patter, he walks tough) and I turn around to see him lurching across the dining room. He can walk one whole lap around the first floor without holding on, bend over to pick up a toy, stand back up, and keep going. However, he is very happy with this new independence. He actually entertains himself for 10 minutes at a time. The past few weeks have been rough, he refused to let me do ANYTHING other than hold his hand and walk.

Today, I cleaned up the breakfast dishes, with both hands because I wasn't holding him, and it was pretty nice. I usually get 3-4 minutes at a time, so I do everything in fast forward. I move so fast, I scare myself. But, today, I finished cleaning up and looked around....Ev was playing himself...and not crying! I frantically looked around for the next thing to clean up and...nothing. Hmmm, took a sip of coffee and scoured my brain, what do I need to do, I have more time!!! And nothing, I actually sipped my coffee in peace and stillness. It lasted for about 3 1/2 minutes, but it was good, very very good. My life will settle down a little bit a some point in the future. I have tasted the freedom and I want more!

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