Thursday, November 19, 2009


This little girl kills me. She comes out with some pretty funny comments and pronunciations. Just wanted to capture a few for everyone:

"That's NOT good!"- When I close a drawer and the corner of a shirt is sticking out, or her Dora pillow isn't facing the correct way and lined up with her blanket, or one of Ev's pant legs is rolled up and the other isn't

"TV for girls"- I usually hear this a 7:15 when I am watching the Today show, trying to wake up, trying to drink a cup of coffee, and trying to get Everett fed. She is referring to cartoons

She has trouble saying the "t" sound, so we hear a lot of Prelly (pretty), Polly (potty), and Scoulie (Scoutie)

"I have full hands" instead of "my hands are full"

She also has trouble with the "th" sound. So when she is trying to say, "one, two three, throw!" It sounds like,"one, two, flee, flow."

"That's not fair!" Accompanied by a huff with her arms crossed and a big frown. Where she heard it, I don not know. She says it at completely inappropriate times. I asked her what she thinks it means and she said, "I don't like it." So she says it whenever she doesn't like something we say, something she eats, something Everett does.

"Mommy has a big but." Let me explain....We were in the family restroom at the zoo. I sat Holden on the big toilet and told her to hold on to me. I said, "you have a little but and if you don't hold on you might fall in." Then I had to go and she looked at me and said, "you don't have to hold on. You have a big but."

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  1. Emily has started say "Oh Man" (thanks to Dora) and her newest thing is to shake your hand and say "thanks much." It will be a little sad when they start talking correctly! =)



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