Monday, April 27, 2009

Our New House

Well it appears this is really going to happen. These jokers are really going to buy our house, so we can buy our new fab place in Denver. I have had my doubts since I heard the words, "they are making an offer" and it has been nothing but aggravation, stress, and headaches ever since. I can't even explain all the nonsense, and no one wants to hear it anyway. So a few highlights, their list of things for us to do after inspection was A-Z. I swear...26 items. Their Realtor would turn off his phone for 2 days and refuse our Realtors calls and e-mails during sticky negotiations, and they are just "too excited" to move in so they forcing us into the street for 3 days while we wait for our house in Denver to be ready. Well, we won't be in the street exactly, but it will be a HUGE pain.

Anyway, I try to tell myself I should be happy the house sold in 6 days and happy we found a place we love in one day (17 houses in one day, whew!). I am VERY glad Ian won't have to commute up to Lakewood for very long, becuase being alone with these two kids Monday-Wednesday each week is kinda hard. How do single moms do it anyway?

I am beginning to come to terms with this move. A new house is so exciting and fun. It will be great to be closer to family and friends up there. My friend Amy O is due in July and promises Chic-Fil-A playdates in the fall. Amy P promised to introduce me to some of her mom friends from school. Jess swears she will be around to entertain my kiddies-which will make them very happy because she is a riot. I have already scoped out the aquarium and nature and science museum season passes and can't wait for the beautiful summer evenings at Coors field watching the Rockies play (chasing Holden) and enjoying the view and a cold beer.

Nothing will take the place of Helen and Nichole, and their amazing children, but I am lucky to have people welcoming us back to Denver with open arms!

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