Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter Visit

Yes, the Easter Bunny came but even more exciting, Kasandra and Kevin came out for a visit. After missing an early morning flight and spending 12 hours in the Philadelphia airport, they were very happy to arrive safely in Colorado. They had a nice long weekend to hang out with Holden and get to know Everett. Uncle Kevin get the fun job of assembling Holden's new tricycle and lucky for him Holden wanted to help.
We went to Toys R Us later that day and Kas bought her a kids tool box, which she will not go anywhere without. The screwdrivier just HAD to accompany us to the grocery store this morning.
They also got to experience lots of naked time-haha. Potty trainging is coming around for sure!
On Saturday we took two cars up to Denver for our home inspection on the new house (yes, we really are moving). It was exciting to start imagining oursleves there and how to fill the place with our things. The best part was Kevin and In took the car with the kids, while Kas and I spent the afternoon shopping. It has been a LONG time since I have had the chance to do something like that and it was really, really nice.
Ian and Kevin decided to go to a great Mexican restaurant in Denver, Benny's, for lunch, just the two of them with both kids, HA HA HA. (I wouldn't have done it) Let's just say 2 complete and total meltdowns occured as their food arrived. Kevin walked with Ev outside to try and stop the screaming (didn't work) while Ian attempted to tame the beast that Holden can unleash when she chooses (didn't work). They sort of got to eat and had a loud and cranky ride home to Colorado Springs. I am so glad I wasn't there.
It is so nice having extra hands around the house to hold Everett and make sure both kids get tons of attention. Kev and Kas are so hands on and let us sleep late and take naps while they took care of the kiddies. Poopy diapers, screaming fits, and all. We are missing them so much already!

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  1. Hooray for Uncle Kevin and Aunt Kas! They are sooo ready for their own children. I love all the pics and the stories. Thanks for keeping up with this Kim and Ian. We miss you all. It is neat to see Holden and Everett growing, even if it is only in pics for now. I can't wait to meet Everett.



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