Monday, December 12, 2011

A 3 Year Old

"Scoutie my best friend. take our picture, Mommy!"

Not sure how it can be that little man is 3. The blink of an eye and he is a kid. However, he definitely still has some toddler tendencies...and is a BIG mama's boy. Mr. Sensitive really enjoyed his birthday at our family dinner on December 7th.

He really did have a nice day though. At school the kids made him a GIANT heart card with all of their hand prints on it and he proudly hung it on the living room wall. He had an entire bag of pistachios (his FAVE) for a snack, enjoyed a very messy spaghetti dinner (also a fave), and went nuts with his new trains.

This is my absolute favorite photo and it captures him so well. 

Thanks for the great photo shoot Nichole and this little gem is also on our Christmas cards this year! Like his long messy hair? Me too! Well guess what, I "accidentally" cut it off:( I was cutting Ian's hair and Ev jumped into the seat and demanded, "cut my hair!" On a whim I did, so not like me, and now I am waiting for it to grow again. I feel like he just doesn't look like him with the short hair.

Dear Everett,
"Ohhhhh Everett," I say that a lot these days. You have endless energy, and are a 3 year old boy to nth degree. You scream, jump, pounce, run, destroy, annihilate, and are a little tornado. You go from elation to despair in seconds when someone moves your train track or you discover your juice cup is empty. Your main mission in life is to torture Holden and make her crazy. But at the end of the day you are really just in love with her.

Photo Credit: Ian Hanou

You are a sensitive, sweet, and unbelievable cuddly and loving boy. You adore being smothered with kisses and give the fiercest hugs and snuggles imaginable. You always say, "come snuggle me, please snuggle me mommy." You sleep with your trains, train tracks, and your Frog and Toad hardback book. You "read" to me every day and will talk for hours. The boy who didn't talk forever is now a verbal machine. 

Just lounging on the arm of the couch

"Tine Up"= Time Out
"pasgheti" = spaghetti
"What are we going to DOOOOOO?'
"Chase me!" (197 times each day)
"Get cozy with me."

The cutest is- Instead of "I" you always say "my."  

"My uv (love) you." 
Who wants a treat? "My do!" 
"My want pink gum"

Man, I love you wear me out! But I couldn't possibly love you more...especially now that you are potty trained!

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  1. That sums him up to a "T"! What a great synopsis of Everett-isms. Love it! Aunt Courtney



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