Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011

Fun Fun Fun..and I have so much leftover candy so I couldn't be happier. I am on a total Snickers bar high.
Did you know a York Peppermint Patty is awesome mixed into your coffee?

Check out our little angel!

Heck yeah, we curled that hair, teased it, sprayed it, flat ironed it-pulled out all the stops for a costume birthday party on Saturday morning!

Ev had been requesting to be a buffalo for Halloween, lucky for me he decided a dragon would work. Apparently our summer trip to Montana and all the buffalo sightings are still fresh in his mind. How the heck do I make a buffalo costume anyway?

We carved our pumpkins on Sunday evening. Ev was so not having the muck and mess, but Holden had a blast picking out the guts and separating seeds.

Lillian came over to visit before trick or treating wearing the same outfit Holden wore on her first Halloween!

Anyway, these kids had so much fun! Holden especially is totally into it and dashed as fast as she could from house to house during trick or treat.

Ev decided he did not want to nap that day and we had a rough start, but as soon as he got some sugar in him, he perked right up.

So now, we are fighting every morning at 7:27 about why Kit Kat's are not an appropriate breakfast!
God, I love Halloween


  1. Great post, Kim! The kids are getting sooo big and grown up looking! Sev saw them recently, but I can't wait to see everyone in a couple months!

  2. Found you while looking for reviews for Luckylure Christmas trees. Your blog is way cute, makes me think I should give mine a little lovin'. Have a great day!



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