Saturday, May 7, 2011

I'm Getting a Baby

Ha Ha! Did I get ya?

I am getting a baby niece on MONDAY!!!

Lillian is head up and just so wedged in there she can't seem to flip around. Despite the 37 tricks, exercises, and old wives tales Courtney and Mike have tried to get her to move. 

So, a scheduled c-section it is. Sounds like little Holden all over, I wonder if Lily will be as stubborn as Miss H?

This little lady will be entering our world the same day her brothers left it one year ago. It is bittersweet, but will always give her a special connection to the twins Courtney and Mike lost one year ago. Her guardian angels will always be watching over their little sister and protecting her. 

Mother's Day will be crazy as these two expectant parents usher in family and friends anxiously awaiting Baby Lillian. Mike's parents along with Grandma and Opa will be here for the celebration and we are planning a big Mother's Day picnic at Mike and Courtney's to celebrate and anticipate their big day on Monday.

We are just twiddling our thumbs and counting the minutes till we all get to meet this precious baby, smother her with love, and spoil her rotten. 

In the brilliant words of my son, Everett (the scholar),

"Baby Wee Wee  comin soon!"

He can't say the L sound very well so we have 

Wee Wee- Lily
Wee-Wee-In- Lillian

We will see you soon angel face:)

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