Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It Wasn't the ER Exactly.....

So I will keep the poll on the right open!

Mr. Trouble ran head first into the island in our kitchen. The bottom corner of the counter plunged into the middle of his forehead. 

Puncture Wound....

Big and gross.

Off to the Children's Hospital Urgent Care. I may go there next time I need urgent care! It is the same place I took Miss H when she had Hand, Foot, and Mouth and needed IV fluids. It is bright and cheerful with TONS of cool toys and games, DVD in each room with 100 movie choices (We picked Madagascar this time), stickers, freeze pops, and stuffed animals.

Ev was HYSTERICAL when they checked the boo boo, when they put the numbing gel on, when they tied him in a straight jacket, and when they held him down to clean it.

Verdict was, no stitches needed. He will have a scar either way. This kid is going to look like an NHL player by the time he is 5!

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