Thursday, April 21, 2011

bad, bad, bad

I feel so guilty for slacking over here. I do love this blog and sharing our funny life with everyone, but man alive, I am into all these projects, gardening, building, and blogging over at Too Much Time.

Just need to share a few things....

1. Tonight after dinner the kids were playing outside while we sat at the table talking and watching them through the open door. All of a sudden Ian screamed super loud and bolted out the door. I turned around and our little baby tree which we planted last year was bent in half. I think Ev was swinging on it. He gave the kids a stern lecture about how we need to treat the baby tree gently, just like a real baby and then get this....

He made them apologize to the tree

Well, it is Earth Day!

Ok, stop giggling, he really did. He really made them say "sorry, tree." I burst into laughter, just waiting for the next step...make them hug the tree, but he didn't go there.

2. Everett may in fact be the devil.
I am convinced he has been put here on Earth to be my sole embarrassment and insanity. 

He is still my favorite little guy in the whole world, BUT he has hit the "terrible two's" with a vengeance. He is working it like he wants to go down in history as the terriblest two in the history of the universe. 

 (like the bruises? Don't even ask)

He is a maniac who, when unleashed (like say from the car, front door, a shopping cart, a classroom) bursts forth like a wild animal who has been held captive for 3 years.

When I say, I can't take him anywhere....I mean 

He yells, screams, runs, pushes, and does not listen to a word I say

not a word

Am I failing? Everyone I cry to assures me he is just a 2 year old boy. Ian's mom was asked to not return to the grocery store after Ian knocked over a display of glass bottles and Severin tore down an entire spaghetti sauce aisle...on the same visit! Ok Ok Ok we haven't had to deal with anything quite that crazy yet, so maybe we are ok over here. 

(a BRIEF moment of relaxation with a bowl of Cheerios and Super Why)

Holden is of no help.

(She is feeding him paper mache paste!)

Ian doesn't seem too concerned either....

A phase, right? Please assure me it is a phase. I know Holden gave me a run for my money and I definitely blocked out the worst of it, but I REALLY don't think she was like this.

However, and lucky for Everett, he is still such a sweet cuddly snuggler. He gives me fierce hugs and millions of kisses every day. He is talking up a storm and cracking me up with it. Today he was hugging Holden and telling her, "You are MY chick!" She just let him and it was so sweet.

Oh, I love that kid, but wow, he is a handful!


  1. Oh IS a hard time. We had friends over recently whose kids are about 5 and 8 and the wife made the comment after about an hour at our house "Oh my gosh, I forgot how high-maintenence they are at that age!!" This is why I am so amazed that you have time to do all the things you do!! I can barely get the basics of life done a lot of the time...and unless Ian's STILL knocking over glass bottles at the store,it's just a phase!! ;-)

  2. Kimmie, I assure you it is a phase. This too shall pass...and then comes the NEXT phase. All phases are challenging in their own way, but Pre-schoolers sap the life out of everybody!

  3. OMG! I love the picture of the three of them. Totally cracked me up! I really think we block out this time in their lives. Troy is right on the fringe and I am not looking forward to it. Just hang in there! It gets better. At least when they are girls =).



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