Saturday, July 24, 2010

Girls Night Out, again!

This time Aunt Courtney and Aunt Casey decided Holden was ready for her inaugural trip to Casa Bonita. Well, it was mine too actually. I can say, I will be back with Evertt when he is a bit older. First check out the back of the menu and read carefully.

Yes, it says cliff divers and we saw some too, in this pool!

I heard there are other places like this in other parts of the country, but this was my first experience in a restaurant like this. First off, the food is HORRIBLE, like super lame. There are only 6 or 7 choices and they all looked equally of McDonalds calibur as we walked through the cafeteria line choosing our entree. But once we got inside, it was really, really, really cool. The atmosphere feels like a cheap and cheesy Las Vegas attraction, but in the best way posssible.

Meandering walkways and alcoves, cheesy shops to buy glow sticks and get your carricature drawn. Lights everywhere!

We also caught a gorilla skit up on the ledge and a girl fell into the pool. Holden has been asking about that gorilla ever since. She keeps asking where he is and seems quite relieved he is still at the restarant and there is no chance of himshowing up in her house. Little H was first chosen to hit the pinata (I think Courtney and Casey screaming helped her chances).Lucky for her too, because the second kid broke it!

It was so much fun and Holden had the time of her life. I felt seriously ill when I got home, but it was well worth it for such fine entertainment and fun company.
One bonus, they sell wine and beer!
I can't think of a quote for today...I am too tired from all the Casa Bonita excitement.

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  1. Oh my god - I felt sick too! Seriously horrible food but I have to agree watching Holden hit the pinata made it all worth it :) I'll go back with you and Everett...but maybe not for a year or two...



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