Sunday, January 10, 2010

Why Buy the Cow...

The National Western Stock Show hit town last week and we decided it would be the perfect Sunday afternoon activity. I checked on-line and there were tons of activities for kids and it seemed very family friendly. The whole way there I kept saying, "I'm really excited!" Ian kept laughing at me. I am not typically a big farm animal person. I have never even sat on a horse, never wanted to go to the zoo as a child, and don't get me stared on the misery when my mom dragged us to the Lehigh County Game Preserve! OOOhhh pheasants, OOOhhh squirrels. However, these activities through the eyes of my children are completely new, exciting, and fulfilling!

At first, Holden kept saying she wanted to see a zebra. While we tried to explain the stock show was about farm animals and that we were not in fact headed to the zoo, she insisted she wanted to see a zebra. Once we got there she decided a cow would do...thank goodness.

First of all, that place is big. Really big. Like super duper, annoyingly, frustratingly big. And I must say they could have spent a few bucks on some more signs. We were idiotically following the petting farm arrow and would end up at a brick wall dead end, an exit door, or the "Cowboy Bar." Hhhhmmmm. We have a big wagon with two anxious (but still happy) kids. I think it took us 37 1/2 minutes from arriving to catch a glimpse of our first live animal.In fact we did pass 7 skin care booths, 4 gigantic turkey leg stands, 2 make your own rope stands, and 27 Wrangler stands before we finally found the petting farm. It was pretty cool though. It was a huge open pen with goats, llamas, pigs, roosters, and ducks running around. Holden LOVED it.

Next we had to get to the Kids Korral or Little Buckaroo Ranch or whatever, We had to get there to see the little animals and of course this kids area was 16 miles away from the petting farm. These people were no fools. We had to take that damn wagon through 34,000 people and past another handful of cookware demonstration stands, tractor stands, belt buckle salesmen, and cow pulverizing machines...wait no. Anyway, we did make it to the appointed destination and Holden had a heart attack when she caught a glimpse of the pony rides. She broke into a run and tried to weasel in between the bars instead of waiting in line.

She absolutely loved it! Ian decided Everett did not need a pony ride experience at this age (Ev, I faught for you, but Daddy would no let me put you on one!) So he got to run around, play on the jungle gyms, and eat a PB&J sandwich while Holden took her pony ride AND a mini train ride.

Has anyone noticed we still haven't seen any real animals? What the heck? So back through the crowds we went and asked two information cowboys, one glow stick stand operator, and a 3 year old, before a pleasant stranger stepped in and directed us towards llamas, alpaca's and the cows. Thank god. We walked through in about 6 minutes, Holden was content and we called it a day. Poor Ev was dozing off in the wagon, not the most comfortable for sleeping. Both of the kids were so good and it will be even more fun next year when Everett gets it a little more and is allowed to have that pony ride!

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  1. Yay! I love the new layout. Very fun! Do we still get to see you guys tomorrow?



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