Monday, January 18, 2010

A Piece of Me

Monday morning, 7:17

(Background of yelps of hunger and need from Everett...)

"Holden, what would you like for breakfast? I am making Everett a bagel with cream cheese."


"Honey, Ev is starving and we need to hurry up so we get to the pool before Ev is cranky."

"Pleaseeeeeeee, pick me up."

"Holden, if you want to go swimming I have to hurry, I will pick you up in a minute."


"How about eggs? Would you like a piece of bacon?"

"I want a piece of you."

I immediately dropped everything I was doing, scooped her up, threw some animal crackers on Everett's tray to keep him content for a few minutes and snuggled with my little angel. People say, "enjoy every minute, it goes by too fast." It can be so hard trying to keep up with our day to day responsibilities that I let the important moments slip away, but not today. Today, we were late for swimming, Ev cried at childwatch, and they both complained in the car on the way home because we were late for their snacks, but it was completely worth it!

1 comment:

  1. So sweet.. that instantly brought tears to my eyes. It takes something like that to remind you that it is okay if the house is a mess, and you don't get everything done you had planned what is important is those little moments.
    I keep telling myself soon she won't let me pick her up or give her hugs. Thanks for the reminder!



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