Friday, August 7, 2009

Mr. and Mrs. Kershen

Well, it has taken me a while to get back on here. Mike and Courtney's wedding was over one month ago! When Frank, Marsha, Great Grandpa, Aunt Mickey, Severin, and Colleen all arrived in Denver the fun officially began. There was a lovely brides lunch which I got to attend sans kids! Later that afternoon, Ian and Holden headed to the rehearsal, he was a reader and Holden get to use the flower girl skills she learned last summer at Casey and Rob's wedding. The rehearsal dinner was a bit wet, so Courtney and Mike packed a hundred friends and family into their house and I heard it was lots of fun. I say, I heard because Everett was pretty cranky and we were there for about 39 minutes before I threw in the towel and came home. I didn't even get to enjoy the delicious BBQ dinner. Luckily, Courtney brought over some leftovers after the wedding!

The wedding day was beautiful! It was sunny and the perfect temperature. Courtney and Mike just glowed with happiness. Holden made it down the aisle cute as ever and Ian and I took turns walking around with Everett. He doesn't really like to sit still much anymore.

The reception was at Hotel VQ overlooking downtown, the mountains, and Mile High stadium. It was a magnificent backdrop to the fun party!

We had the kiddies at the reception for just an hour when Eric Underwood (Ian's fraternity brother) and his fiance, Kristen arrived to escort our children home. BEST BABYSITTERS EVER! They took the kids and our car home, fed the little dears dinner, and dropped them off to bed. Ian and I had such a nice time enjoying the reception as grown ups without a care in the world...well other than knowing we would be awoken by one or possibly both of the kids at 5 am.

All in all it was a fabulous weekend with so many friends and family in town. I think Courtney and Mike ate up all the attention and enjoyed every single minute!

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