Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Holden!

We had a wonderful time celebrating Holden's big second birthday. My mom, Mimi, and Pop-Pop came out to Colorado to help us celebrate. Luckily, Holden did not get sick and have her party canceled this year.

Holden requested a farm theme, well after I decided against Dora anyway. So we had farm animal cupcakes, cake, and cookies.

Holden, Chase, Julia, Braeden, and Lexie played so well together. Holden tried to smother each one with hugs and kisses. I think Chase was the only one who escaped her clutches.

All the kids had little cowboy hats and got to play in the soil and plant vegetable and flower seeds. I imagine we will have sunflowers and zucchini plants popping up all of our yard this spring. There was much more playing than planting!
The pig pinata was hilarious, the kids had no idea what to do when all of the goodies fell out. They were all pretty excited when they found sunglasses, whistles and bubbles, and especially when the parents opened the lollipops.

The singing seemed to be Holden's favorite birthday activity. We sang to her Saturday, Sunday, and Monday and let her blow out candles and eat a cupcake. She heard someone on T.V. say birthday and she started screaming, "CAKE!" and chasing me around the house demanding cake. We created a monster.

Holden was so happy and sweet the whole day. She had so much fun having all of her friends here to play with all afternoon. We missed one of her best girls Emily, but they will make up for it all this week! Here is the link to a few more birthday pictures


  1. It looks like the party was great fun! I am sorry we couldn't make it, Emily would have loved it!

  2. Kimmie, You should be a party planner. What an awesome idea!



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