Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour and Oh Yeah...We're Moving

As Ian was scrubbing the kitchen floor tonight (don't feel bad for him, I was scrubbing the fireplace), getting ready for our home photographer tomorrow, he reminded me that at 8:30 we needed to turn off the lights for Earth Hour. This was not in my packing, cleaning, organizing plan, but what the heck. We shut down and poured 2 glasses of wine. It was great. We should do this every week. Without the distractions of TV, computer, and moving we could actually talk and relax for the first time in weeks. I guess once we are settled back in Denver we will have an opportunity to relax again!
And yes, it's true, we are heading back up to Denver. I have such mixed feelings. I am excited to find a new, and hopefully better house, to be closer to Casey and Courtney and all of our old pals, to go to Rockies games on beautiful summer evenings, and to have the museums for the kids. But, I am so very sad to be leaving the Springs. I have lived here longer than I lived in Denver. I remember our time in Denver fondly, but that was our crazy single time.
The Springs is where we built our family and our close network of parent friends whom we consider family. I know, I know, I will meet new mommy friends and have a chance to spend more time with my Denver pals, but I am still depressed. Who will rescue me at 7:30 on Tuesday morning when I am already losing my mind with Holden's antics, who will come over with Chic-Fil-A when I need a pick me up, who will be there on Thursday afternoon to babysit at a moments notice? How will I find friends who love my children like their own? Who instinctively know how to handle them, discipline them, and celebrate their successes with them? Everyone keeps telling me I will find people, but it doesn't make leaving Helen and Nichole, Julia and Emmy, the future John Thomas and Baby X, and our adopted grandparents, Ron and Joyce any easier.
So for now I will pout and be scared and sad. Luckily, I have this house and the fun cleaning and packing to keep me busy and my mind off the day when we drive away from Amsterdam Drive to our new life in Denver.

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  1. What are you going to change the name of your blog to now that you will no longer be in the Springs?



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