Wednesday, February 8, 2012

National Western Stockshow

We hit the stock show this year with Jeff, Lindsay, and Chase. 
We didn't do the rodeo but we did get to see about a million vendors, eat some junky food, pet the sheep, feed the horses, and watch the cows being groomed.

Pizza + corn dogs + popcorn = super healthy lunch

That corn dog was as big has her head and she ate the WHOLE thing!

After making friends with the animals, we learned most of them were headed off to the chop house.

Tofu for dinner tonight!

The kids really wanted to participate and get into the grooming of the cows.

This was after a Saturday night sleepover H had at Chase's place.
We all keep hassling Holden with the question, "Are you going to marry Chase one day?" Wouldn't they have the cutest kids?

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