Sunday, October 16, 2011

8 Years Later...

Let's just catch a little recap of the past few weeks.

Ev and Ian went to see Thomas at the Colorado Railroad Museum. Holden was sick, so she and I had to miss and our neighbors ended up using our tickets and tagging along.

Apparently he was a little excited!

This was a month ago and he still tells me every night before bed 
Ev-wispering "Mommy, I have tell you something."
Me- "What is it?"
Ev-wispering as loudly as he can 

Definitely worth it!

This is what Holden was doing at home

We have serious issues around these parts.

I found a train table at the thrift store for $22! I had it half hanging out of my trunk driving home, but after that Thomas experience, I knew we needed it!

It is solid wood and in great condition. AND, we don't have train tracks perpetually set up in the middle of our family room floor.

xo Kimmie

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