Friday, August 12, 2011

Road Trip 2011- Part 1-Bozeman

Off we go......
After our successful road trip to Utah last October, I was very optimistic about this years road trip to Montana. And I was right. Yay! With lots of Dollar Store Toys, new movies, and fun snacks we had an easy and fun trek to Bozeman. Well, except for the fact that Ian didn't stop or wake me up when we hit the Little Bighorn Battelfield! UGH! Let's just say he won't make that mistake again!

We took two days and rolled into Bozeman on Friday evening. We stayed with Jana, Mike, and baby Courtney Sue for the weekend and we all fell in love with that precious little girl! She is freakishly good, mellow, and happy. I think I heard her cry two times in 3 days...seriously....she is really happy. Even with H and E all up in her face 24/7

Saturday morning Ian and Mikey ran a 10K in the Sweet Pea Festival. Ian felt the need to keep up and was seriously hurting later that weekend! Holden and Courtney Sue "ran" in the kids 1 K race later that morning. About halfway through Holden tapped out and Ev took over for her.

Her legs were just TOOOO tired.

Man that girl is soft! Luckily the parade rolled through and both the kids scored bunches of candy.

 Which Holden kept safe and snug in her pocket.

After the "race" and parade, we headed over to the Slam fest and the kids had a blast tearing up the playground, creating pebbles from clay, eating some yummy food, and listening to good music.

The next day we spent some time in Mike and Jana's neighborhood walking, playing with and antagonizing their chickens, and searching for bugs.

 We logged some pool time and had a great dinner with Mikey's folks, Jan and Jerry. The kids were super excited to break into their raspberry patch and gorge themselves. Holden was so sad to say goodbye to Courtney and she made Jana promise to bring her to visit us in Colorado. I believe she will hold Jana to it too!

On Monday morning we loaded up once again and were off to Missoula to crash with Uncle Tom for a couple of nights. However, along the way we simply HAD to stop in Butte, Montana and partake in their local delicacy, a pasty.

We missed the place Mike recommended and ended up at Gamers Cafe, which was a delight! Totally retro and I loved every bit of that place.

We even got to sit at the old timey counter for our lunch. Holden only fell off the stool once.

A Pasty is a pastry pocket of meat and potatoes covered in gravy. It was scrumptious, but a bit much for lunch!

 In the end we were glad we ended up at Gamers because it is the Pasty capitol of the world!

That's all for now, but more adventures to come your way on Monday!!!

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun for all. Glad you're enjoying a family vacation with friends. Gramma and Opa



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