Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hi Daddy

Finally, we are getting somewhere with this kid! This morning Everett and I were sitting on our couch watching Ian clean out a refrigerator. I said, "Hi, Daddy" and waved like twenty times. So my super sweet boy says, in the softest most innocent little voice, "Hi Daddy" and waves at Ian. Ian looked up with the most proud and sentimental look on his face. It was priceless.

Last week Ev decided he was ready to start talking. In one day he said, hi, bye, light, and up. He had only said mama and dada before that, so it was pretty exciting. I guess he wants to practice with those for a while because we haven't heard anything new yet.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Valley Ranch

Now, doesn't that just sound like a place you want to go? Well, Holden sure does. Happy Valley Ranch is the name of her new preschool! I know, how can we be here already? But, she will be 3 1/2 in the fall and she is having a blast and thriving at Magical Mornings, so Ian and I decided a two days a week preschool next fall would be the right choice for her. Of course the decision has to be made now, sign up started today and many of the schools are already filled-crazy! I was pretty sure this was the place, but Holden's current teacher told me I better get my but out there today to check the place out because enrollment may be full by tomorrow!

So, we went out there today to check it out and Holden did not want to come home with me. This place is ridiculously awesome! The owner started with a tour of the "peanut" classroom, where Holden will be, and Little Miss sat right down at a table with the other students and joined in with snack time. She's not a shy one, that's for sure. They have monthly themes and the books and centers all focus on the theme. Students are allowed to choose their centers and activities each day (student choice was big with me at this stage). They have circle time, reading time, snack time, and recess time every day.

Recess time....the best part. There is a great playground and open field for the usual recess antics. However, this place has something most preschools do not....ponies! The stable anad barn are open to the recess area for the kids. No joke. There are 5 ponies and if kids want they can have a pony ride every day at recess. There is also a petting farm in the barn. Two ducks (Dora and Diego), pigs, rabbits, goats, chickens,sheep, and a peacock.

This is small, relaxed, child centered, and not super focused on academics for the three year olds. It feels welcoming and has a loving atmosphere. I think she will thrive here and I am so excited for her!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Will You Be My Valentine?

Holden had her first Valentine's party today! I convinced Ian to work from home so he could take off for an hour to surprise Holden, and she was mighty proud to have Daddy at school with her!

Holden and I made lollipop Valentines for all of her friends.

Timothy is her favorite friend who she talks about ALL the time!

There were tons of treats and Ev helped himself! Surprise!

Payton loves Holden....and Everett

Ev was super happy to get to stay and play with all the kids for a while. He is so sad when we drop off H and he is stuck with me!

The party was so cute and it is amzing to watch Holden becoming so grown up.

Tuesday at 5:45 pm

Just wanted to share a typical Tuesday afternoon waiting for Ian to get home from work.


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