Wednesday, May 13, 2009


We are moved out of our place in the Springs and are temporarily here at Courtney and Mike's till we can get into our new house. Our Monday closing is still in limbo because our buyers did not have their funding in place-what fun!! Ha Ha As soon as their money is wired we can start moving in. I will be so relieved when our things are in the house and we are done with all of these shenanigans. Holden has a fever of 103.5, Everett has been sleeping about 5 hours a day, and we are all ready to get back to a normal life!

Still looking for suggestions for a new name for our blog!!!


  1. Easy one. . .

    Mile High Hanous

    Your welcome,


  2. better yet:

    Hanou Blog of the Plains (as in Queen City of the Plains)

  3. What is wrong with Holden? Does she have cold/flu symptoms. She must be pretty unhappy!

    I hope the funds get straightened out quickly.

    I like "Mile High Hanous".

    Aunt Karen



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