Monday, January 16, 2012

Christmas...a month late

Well, we didn't celebrate a month late, it has just taken me a while to get to the pictures and now i know why, we hardly took any!

We spent a nice 9 days back in Pennsylvania. 

We had tons of fun and Everett went into overload and couldn't handle all the people, parties, and commotion. He is used to our small family here in Colorado and he was a bit overwhelmed by everything and had some, well, let's say, issues. He pretty much wanted to be left alone and people weren't permitted to look at him or speak to him on a few occasions. that kid kills me.Check this cutie video of Holden and Blake having fun and Ev freaking out!

Ev really did like the Santa though:)
Why yes, that IS a scary santa that sings in the middle of my mom's living room.
Holden had a ton of fun "taking care of" Blake. He tolerated her...

She also invited herself to sleep over all over town. That girl spent the night at Mimi's, 


Aunt Kasandra's, and my cousin Danny and Heather's place. She really does get around!

The kids got way too many presents and had way too much fun with all of them!

Everett completely passed out in the middle of my mom's house during our Christmas lunch...35 people...he was next to the buffet....sleeping...for 3 hours!

After we got back form PA up to the mountains we went for some Christmas fun with the Hanou side of the family.

Putting Holden in charge of the camera was a mistake, we have no good photos of Lillian's first Christmas! Severin and Colleen were in town from D.C. and we had some great hang out time with everyone, even though there is next to no snow up there.

The cousins got to share a bath though and it was pretty darn cute!

Everett was just wearing himself out for the entire vacation because he had another pass out in the middle of the house!

I guess the fact that he was sleeping at the drop of a hat means he had fun tiring himself out!
We all had a wonderful time relaxing with family and having Ian to ourselves for 12 days!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


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