Sunday, June 19, 2011

More Vaca Pics

I figured it was time to wrap up the last of our pictures from our vacation in PA. Here are a couple from some playing in the bay in Virginia.

We also had a great time at the "zoo" while in PA. Calling it a zoo is a stretch, they do have penguins, 2 camels and kangaroos, but mostly there were lots of owls, goats, and turtles, etc. But it was really awesome for the kids and small enough to be manageable for the grownups! Grandpa, Kevin, Kas, Blake, me and the kids had fun exploring.

Holden found some fun posing for photos.

The goats tried to nibble Blake's hand

and Everett's head!

We had a blast visiting my dad's side of the family, my cousins, aunt, uncle, and all of the second cousins. 

There are 7 kids now and they had an amazing time playing together.

 Everett had fun kicking the soccer ball and rolling down the hill, like 46 times.

Hayden got especially tired and decided to take a nap on the stoned patio. 

Holden was barely still enough for me to even snap a photo.

And Blake had fun in mommy's arms!

We had such a nice visit and getaway with my family. The weather was beautiful and no one got sick! I consider the trip a success!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Man, I'm Old

Hit Allentown Brew Works for the Twenty Year Reunion and had a blast! Of course I helped plan it, so I may be partial! I honestly can't believe how good everyone looked. Everyone had so much fun and was so thankful for the hard work the reunion committee put into it. Laura and Linda, still swear they are out for the next one (but Laura said that after the 10, so I am not sure I believe her-haha).

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Water Babies

Who knew?
These kids Loved-Loved-Loved the ocean.
Like more than I ever thought possible

They both took some hard beat downs from the waves and came up smiling every time (how unlike themselves).

The running was CONSTANT for 2-3 hours. Even with sandwiches in hand!And the sleeping at night was BIG!

How cute are these guys?

We even had Steve, Amy, and Jenny Corsini drive WAY out of their way to spend an hour with us!

Will someone please teach these children how to smile without looking insane.

We had the most amazing time crashing Joe and Cheri's "honeymoon." Aunt Karen and Uncle John were very generous to share their Virginia beach house with us. We got some close up action with a l-o-n-g snake, a bajillion glowing blue water worms, some mosquitoes, tons of dolphins along the coast, lots of sand crabs, and a distant view of the wild ponies of Chincoteague.

What a lovely little getaway and some special times we will never forget!


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