Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Georgetown Loop Railroad

Everett has been getting more and more excited about trains every day. While my dad was in town, we decided to take him for his first train ride.

We drove out I-70 to Silver Plume and found the coolest old timey steam train ever. 

The kids were jumping out of their skin with excitement and I could hardly hold Ev back from jumping over the gates to get to the train.

The ride was about an hour and meanders through the woods, over rivers, by waterfalls, and over a very tall bridge.

The kids both spent much of the ride with their heads hanging out the windows enjoying everything.

We had to keep a tight hold on Ev, he kept hanging out the window too far! 

Everett was totally wiped out bu the end and was falling asleep, but still had to be hanging out the window.

It was so much fun and I totally recommend it for anyone looking for some touristy activity while in Denver!

Here are all of the pictures

Thursday, July 7, 2011

4th of July

We spent the first part of the weekend camping with Ty, Nichole, Emily, and Troy, but made it home to pick up Grandpa from the airport and see the fireworks!

We were about 50/50 wondering if we would actually make it to dark and the fireworks.

But we went to the Arvada town fireworks at a big city park, it just took a bit of effort to get there.

The kids spent the first hour playing on the great playground.

Holden was on her "soap box" yelling to the world, "Hey people! The fireworks are here, the fireworks are here!"

Then we had lots of snacks and tickling till dark. Luckily, the surrounding neighborhoods had decent fireworks of their own to wet our appetites and hold us over to the big show.

Ev spent most of the show sitting on my back.

I can't believe how good these munchkins did! They held up for the whole thing. We bolted about 5 minutes before the end and watched the finale while walking to our car. We beat the traffic and got the kids to bed by 10:30!

(too bad they woke up at 6 the next morning!)

Father's day Camping Trip...A SUCCESS!!!!

Our first successful camping trip in three years....and thank goodness because I was almost ready to give up. This was super nice and sleeping was far from perfect with little Ev monster, but it was doable!

We spent lots of time on searches for bugs,

got to do some small hikes,

 had some funny face contests,

 some screaming contests,

 had Jiffy Pop for the first time ever,

took care of important business,

and had an all around good time!

Here is the link to bunches of photos


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