Saturday, April 24, 2010

April 24, 2010...a good day

The good day actually started yesterday when around 11 am it started snowing! Holden wasn't feeling well and I was getting a bad day vibe. However, she perked up with some Motrin and we enjoyed our April winter wonderland.

Of course, Ian came home from work with skiing on his brain. I am such a baby about getting the 9,000 things organized and packed up for adventures like a trip to the mountains. I wasn't so sure, but I conceded around 9 pm and packed snow gear, ski gear, snowboard gear, extra clothing, toys, lunch, drinks, snacks, and the always crucial lollipops. he plan was to hit A-Basin (15 inches of fresh snow by Sat morning) and take turns skiing while the other watched the kids.

Holden and Everett woke up happy and ready to go. We all got dressed, fed, and loaded up by 7:45 and hit the road.

It was THE BEST car ride we have had in a VERY VERY VERY long time. My children hate the car more than spinach and going to bed. However, they watched Bugs Life, ate Goldfish, read some books, and were a delight until we hit the stopped traffic 7 miles outside of The Basin. We went 1 mile in 30 minutes and we decided to turn around and go back to Keystone, it is closed for the season, but we thought we could play in the snow with the kids. We parked in the desolate parking lot, got geared up, and ran off to explore the village.

It really was fun to run around with next to no one there. Holden had a "fun" time on the playground. She was terrified of the slide when we shot out and landed in a giant snow pile. Everett worked very hard to jump into the river. It was a two man job holding him back.

There was only one business open and it happened to be a cozy coffee shop. We went in and settled into some comfy couches and Ian decided he was going to hike up the mountain and ski back down while we hung out. Um, have at it. The kids drank chocolate milk while I sipped a vanilla caramel latte (and later a bloody mary) and we had such a nice morning.

They colored and read books. Munched some snacks and made friends with a couple of little girls also hanging out. In short, they were angels. It was a glimpse into the future with kids who are a little older and able to handle themselves like civilized human beings, in public anyway. And not the little heathens who usually accompany me on outings such as this. It was a delight.

Ian hiked for 30 minutes and skied back down in probably four, but was very happy to have some fun in the powder. Ev, Holden, and myself (yay!) slept the whole way home!

We unpacked the car and I decided to take Holden shopping with me while Ian and Everett had some man time for a few hours. And what good men they are! They went grocery shopping and made us dinner! Holden and I went to David's bridal and picked up her sash for the flower girl dress she will wear in Uncle Severin and Aunt Colleen's wedding next month. Then we went to Barnes and Noble, where we camped out in the children's section for 1 1/2 hours. We read so many books and had a fabulous and relaxing afternoon.

Our tacos were delicious, even more so since I did not have to make them. Holden actually ate, some real food, with us, a the dinner table...amazing. The kids played and Ev fell asleep about 10 minutes ago and Holden is neatly tucked in as of 2 minutes ago. We will be watching a movie in our new basement and going to bed early.

Great day! Here is the link to all of our pics from today

Quote of the Day:

"When one eye is fixed upon your destination, there is only one eye left with which to find they way"

- Anonymous


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