Monday, April 27, 2009

Our New House

Well it appears this is really going to happen. These jokers are really going to buy our house, so we can buy our new fab place in Denver. I have had my doubts since I heard the words, "they are making an offer" and it has been nothing but aggravation, stress, and headaches ever since. I can't even explain all the nonsense, and no one wants to hear it anyway. So a few highlights, their list of things for us to do after inspection was A-Z. I swear...26 items. Their Realtor would turn off his phone for 2 days and refuse our Realtors calls and e-mails during sticky negotiations, and they are just "too excited" to move in so they forcing us into the street for 3 days while we wait for our house in Denver to be ready. Well, we won't be in the street exactly, but it will be a HUGE pain.

Anyway, I try to tell myself I should be happy the house sold in 6 days and happy we found a place we love in one day (17 houses in one day, whew!). I am VERY glad Ian won't have to commute up to Lakewood for very long, becuase being alone with these two kids Monday-Wednesday each week is kinda hard. How do single moms do it anyway?

I am beginning to come to terms with this move. A new house is so exciting and fun. It will be great to be closer to family and friends up there. My friend Amy O is due in July and promises Chic-Fil-A playdates in the fall. Amy P promised to introduce me to some of her mom friends from school. Jess swears she will be around to entertain my kiddies-which will make them very happy because she is a riot. I have already scoped out the aquarium and nature and science museum season passes and can't wait for the beautiful summer evenings at Coors field watching the Rockies play (chasing Holden) and enjoying the view and a cold beer.

Nothing will take the place of Helen and Nichole, and their amazing children, but I am lucky to have people welcoming us back to Denver with open arms!

Dr. Ferber...I Love You

And I adore my precious son who has decided he can sleep all night without a feeding! It wasn't as easy as it was with Holden, this little guy can be stubborn, but he did it and we survived.

For those of you who don't know, Dr. Ferber is this sleep expert who is quite controversial because he advises that babies need to be left to cry for gradually increasing periods of time in order to learn how to fall asleep on their own. I was adamantly against his practices...until Holden was 8 months old, still waking up 3 times a night, and not taking naps...ever. I had tried every cuddly sweet sleep trick known to man. Then one night at 4 am after being up for the third time, I put Holden in her crib, she wailed while I cried tears of sheer exhaustion and desperation in her rocking chair. Ian came in to witness the breakdown and the next morning I was handing over my $19.99 to the clerk at Borders and RUNNING home to find out what Dr. Ferber had to say for himself. We started that very afternoon and Holden was sleeping through the night in 2 days. MAGIC, I tell ya. That glorious Dr. spun some magic around my sleepy little girl and granted her (and me) much needed sleep.

So, after that nonsence we were not going to end up in the same situation with Everett. We have been tough from the beginning because I knew I would die if I had to endure 8 months of 4 hours a night. Mr. Man was getting up twice a night and we decided it was time to break out the book and get this guy down to once a night feedings. We stayed strong, go in every few minutes, tell him he was ok, kiss kiss, pat pat, BUT DON"T PICK HIM UP or the whole entire thing is ruined! This was especially difficult when Ian was in Denver for three days and I had to stare at the rise and fall of the monitor lights at 3 am, as my poor sweet baby cried his eyes out. (If you were wondering, I turned off the volume and held a pillow over my head becuase I couldn't take the screams)

But every day it got a little better and then on night 6 he woke at 2 and fussed for a few minutes. I didn't go in because his feedings were not to occur before 3:22 OR THE WHOLE ENTIRE THING WOULD BE RUINED, and we would have to start from scratch. Anyway, he went to sleep and I woke at 4 with a noise. Back to sleep, and I woke up at noise. Then I woke up at 5:25...still nothing. Finally at 6:34 I heard Everett babbling to himself in his crib (I had turned the volume back up on the monitor). ARE YOU KIDDING ME? He went all night with no feeding at all. Then and there I decided if he did it once he can do it every night.

And we all lived happily ever after.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter Visit

Yes, the Easter Bunny came but even more exciting, Kasandra and Kevin came out for a visit. After missing an early morning flight and spending 12 hours in the Philadelphia airport, they were very happy to arrive safely in Colorado. They had a nice long weekend to hang out with Holden and get to know Everett. Uncle Kevin get the fun job of assembling Holden's new tricycle and lucky for him Holden wanted to help.
We went to Toys R Us later that day and Kas bought her a kids tool box, which she will not go anywhere without. The screwdrivier just HAD to accompany us to the grocery store this morning.
They also got to experience lots of naked time-haha. Potty trainging is coming around for sure!
On Saturday we took two cars up to Denver for our home inspection on the new house (yes, we really are moving). It was exciting to start imagining oursleves there and how to fill the place with our things. The best part was Kevin and In took the car with the kids, while Kas and I spent the afternoon shopping. It has been a LONG time since I have had the chance to do something like that and it was really, really nice.
Ian and Kevin decided to go to a great Mexican restaurant in Denver, Benny's, for lunch, just the two of them with both kids, HA HA HA. (I wouldn't have done it) Let's just say 2 complete and total meltdowns occured as their food arrived. Kevin walked with Ev outside to try and stop the screaming (didn't work) while Ian attempted to tame the beast that Holden can unleash when she chooses (didn't work). They sort of got to eat and had a loud and cranky ride home to Colorado Springs. I am so glad I wasn't there.
It is so nice having extra hands around the house to hold Everett and make sure both kids get tons of attention. Kev and Kas are so hands on and let us sleep late and take naps while they took care of the kiddies. Poopy diapers, screaming fits, and all. We are missing them so much already!

Holden's Growing Up

This past week we have been noticing some lovely changes in Miss H. It's funny how she sneaks up on us and all of a sudden it is as if she has aged 6 months over night.

What I love the most, is she is beginning to slow down a little bit and cuddles, kisses, and hugs us all the time. This may possibly me my favorite picture ever.
Holden is also being so independent. Although she uses her powers for good AND evil, she is usually helpful! Today I asked her to go get her "big girl pants" from the bathroom cabinet and this is how she emerged.
I love it. Since she chooses to use the potty every time I feed Everett she has learned how to empty it all on her own and choose her fun pants. We did have 2 minor setbacks of dumping pee on the carpet, but she has it down now. She opens the toilet and dumps her business, puts the potty back together, and proudly demands her payment of 2 m & m's. Totally worth it as far as I'm concerned.
The silly faces and pretend play is hysterical. She will run to me with a terrified look on her face screaming, "bad guy coming!" She then makes me hide and we watch the "bad guy" run away. Luckily, she isn't really scared of this mysterious "bad guy." We have also had a few lizards running through the living room and hiding uunder the dining room table. We chase them out before bedtime.

First Haircut

I had debated back and forth, over and over, and I finally got so fed up with Holden's mess of hair in her eyes, I decided to get her hair cut. If she would only wear barrettes this would not be a problem, if she could sit still for 5 seconds and let me comb her hair it would not be a problem, but she does neither of those things...ever, so off it came. We went to "Cool Cuts for Kids" and it was pretty cool.
She was not sure of the place at first, but when she got to pick a movie, Nemo, she perked up. She sat in the chair by herself, for a few snips anyway and was pretty cooperative.
The trusty lollipop proved a necessity when she tried to jump out of the chair. And after a few minutes she ended up in my lap to try and finish up.
Of course, I hated it, and couldn't understand why I ever thought bangs were a good idea (bangs are NEVER a good idea). She does look so pretty and very grown up, which kind of freaks me out, but that's the way it goes. She still won't let me put a barrette in her hair or comb her hair, but she is pretty darn cute. If you are wondering why I don't have a final pic to show you, she wouldn't stand still long enough to take one. Typical!


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